“NEW advanced formula which contains double the Resveratrol (400mgs) and zero sugar”

LifeTime Resveratrol Gel

LifeTime Resveratrol Gel comes in a liquid form rather than a conventional tablet format.  Many people believe that liquid supplements are more easily absorbed by the body. Whilst this has not been proven, the type of Resveratrol used in our gel i.e.Trans Resveratrol has been proven to be easily absorbed by the body.

The carton contains 30 sachets, one for each day of the month. Take one 30ml sachet every day in the morning with food. 

“A new way of taking health supplements”

Product Name:                    LifeTime Resveratrol Gel
Pack Size:                             30ml
Type of Product:                  GEL
Active Ingredient
Trans Resveratrol 99%
Apple Pectin
Aloe Vera
Acai Fruit
Grapeseed Extract
Green Tea Extract
Pomegranate Seed Extract
Qty Per 30ml
400 mg
350 mg
64 mg
1.4 mg
0.35 mg
0.35 mg
0.35 mg

Other Ingredients

Purified water, Glycerin, Xanthan gum, Citric acid, Carmoisine colour, Berry flavour, Potassium Sorbate (0.18%), Stevia (40.5mg) & Xylitol (3.5g)

life resveratraol gel

Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural protective response of the body to infection or injury. It is crucial for human health. A certain amount of inflammation in the body is beneficial , but uncontrolled inflammation leads to inflammatory diseases. Resveratrol has been proven to [1] [2] to activate the SIRT1 gene in our bodies. The main function of SIRT1 is its anti-inflammatory activity, mediated in large part by inhibition of NF-κB, a key regulator of immune response [3].

1. Qureshi AA, et al. Inhibition of nitric oxide and inflammatory cytokines in LPS-stimulated murine macrophages by resveratrol, a potent proteasome inhibitor. Lipids Health Dis. 2012; 11:76. [PubMed: 22698256]

2. Lanzilli G, et al. Anti-inflammatory effect of resveratrol and polydatin by in vitro IL-17 modulation. Inflammation. 2012; 35:240–248. [PubMed: 21369944]

3. Morris BJ. Seven sirtuins for seven deadly diseases of aging. Free Radic Biol Med. 2013; 56:133– 171. [PubMed: 23104101]

Maintaining cardiovascular health

It has been suggested that the daily consumption of red wine, and therefore of Resveratrol, could account for the so-called ‘French paradox’, according to which the population in the south of France, despite eating a diet that is relatively high in saturated fats, presents a low risk of heart disease.

In 2015, researchers analyzed six previously published studies on the effects of resveratrol on blood pressure. The overall outcome of the analysis indicated that a higher dose was found to significantly decrease systolic blood pressure (the top number on a blood pressure reading).

Relieving Joint Pain

Owing to its anti-oxidant properties and ability to bind with nutrients in the body, Resveratrol is able to reduce and reverse the the damaging effects of both Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The main benefits of Resveratrol include;

  • Reducing Arthritis induced inflammation
  • Reducing oxidative stress by eradicating toxic free radicals
  • Protecting joint health
  • Delaying cell destruction and protecting the tissue
  • Preventing cartilage degeneration and enhancing bone stability

Promoting Healthy Ageing

Resveratrol has been proven to prevent ageing and age related diseases. David Sinclair, a professor in the department of Genetics at Harvard Medical and a world renowned anti ageing expert has been researching why we age, and how to reverse the ageing process.

One of his discoveries has been that Resveratrol plays a key role in the ageing process by activating a gene in our body called SIRT1 that controls the ageing process. SIRT1 is one of seven anti ageing genes that Sinclair believes can not only slow down the ageing process but can even reverse it.

Part of his research has been to discover compounds that can activate all seven the ageing genes called Sirtuins.